About St. Matthias

Looking to authentically establish our mission as a community of Christ, we have created this descriptive piece to remind ourselves and share with others what we’re all about.

Who are we? 


A Collective of Christian folk who are undertaking the journey without knowing the destination — engaging in the art of gentle revolution by passionately following the Way of Jesus. We believe that answers lie in living the questions.

Our Priest-in-Charge and Spiritual Teacher is Rev. Trudy Lebans and our musical director is Owen Bloomfield. On our Community Involvement page you can read about what we do within our Guelph community.

Where do we meet?


We gather together on Sunday mornings at St. James Anglican Church and offer 3 different styles of services. See our calendar for more info.

What are we all about?


  • Enlightenment that leads to transformation of ourselves and the world
  • Evolution in thinking and understanding that we may be who we are
  • Emergence in Christian understanding 
  • Engagement with our neighbours in making justice, peace and building holistic communities

 What do we do?

  • We Gather – to sing, pray, listen, speak and share bread and wine
  • We Disperse – to do and bring the presence of God into the world through our working, playing and living
  • We Share and Work Together with our Neighbours – to protect our environment, to clean up our green spaces; by sharing food with others through the provision of local produce and participation in community celebration suppers
  • We Meditate – alone and in groups
  • We Talk and Discuss – the meaning of life, love and God 
  • We Partner with Others – to bring about change in our city and the world — The University of Guelph Ecumenical Chaplaincy, Kairos Guelph ,The Good Hearted Women, the LGTB community, other Anglican churches in Guelph, as well as other faith traditions

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