Music Director Owen Bloomfield

Music is an essential part of our spiritual worship time and we’re proud to have Owen lead us and offer his musical talents that help us reflect the various theological beliefs of our congregation.

Instrumentation at our 12:00 noon Sunday service includes digital piano, acoustic guitar and violin with occasional percussion (djembe, tambourine and maracas).


Music Director for St. MatthiasOwen Bloomfield (1971) was born and raised in Dryden, Ontario where he received his early music education through his mother and community choirs.

He completed his Master of Music in Composition at the University of British Columbia with Keith Hamel.  His Bachelor of Music is from Wilfrid Laurier University where he studied with Peter Hatch and Glenn Buhr.  He also earned a diploma in music from Cambrian College in Sudbury, Ontario.

Mr. Bloomfield’s works have been performed by a wide variety of ensembles and soloists in Canada, the United States and Europe. Performers he has worked closely with for commissions include sopranos Natasha Campbell and Marion Samuel-Stevens, clarinetist Tilly Kooyman, pianist Christopher Bowlby and guitarist Kevin Ramessar.  He is a founding member of the interdisciplinary ensemble SlanT as well as tranSpectra, a group dedicated to the performance and composition of music using the Bohlen-Pierce tuning system.  His piece Wanderer for Bohlen-Pierce clarinet duo is the world’s first for that instrument and has been performed around the world including the first International Bohlen-Pierce Conference in Boston and Microfest in Amsterdam. The piece has been expanded to include movements for voice and Tenor BP Clarinet, again an instrumental first.

Mr. Bloomfield has collaborated twice with Yukon writer Lawrie Crawford on the interdisciplinary stage projects Variations on Gestalt and Tilt!.  These works have been performed in Vancouver, Whitehorse, Kitchener and Guelph.  He has also had readings by the Penderecki String Quartet, and the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra.

He is an instructor of piano, theory and composition at the Guelph School of Music, music director for the  St. Matthias Anglican Community in Guelph and a certified Music Together Instructor. Along with his work in the community, Mr. Bloomfield has composed for amateur groups including the Cambridge Concert Band, the North Dumfries Children’s Choir, the Dryden Community Choir and Chancellors Family Choir in Dryden, Ontario for whom he has written an extended cantata.  He currently resides in Cambridge, Ontario.

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