Painting The Stars

We have been intrigued, excited, and energized by the Painting The Stars discussion groups we’ve held within our faith community  and now we’re taking action on our excitement and offering to lead this engaging discussion group for others.

Check out the trailer for this material created by Living the Questions®


Whether you’re from a church, other community group or organization, or an individual interested in your evolving faith, we’d likeevolving faith to hear from you!  We’ll be happy to arrange this discussion group in a variety of formats that suit your group.  There are  7 sessions on the DVD that can be done as 1 a week/month, 2-3 at a time, condensed into a day long event, or other formats that may work better for your group.

We would also like to plan a ‘general public’ group made up of interested individuals, so even if you’re not part of any specific group that you’d like to arrange for us to facilitate, contact us to let us know you’re interested in taking part and we’ll let you know more about our next group.

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