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Prayer is a mysterious thing. It can seem useless at times and a complete blessing and source of inner strength at other times.


thoughts of prayer


You may have a prayer life that is active with daily time carved out of your day just to sit quietly and make time for praying, or a bit more erratic yet daily where you bring your mind to prayer in short spurts throughout your day.

You may have a prayer life that has very little attention – days go by, life goes by, without even thinking about praying and no effort has been made to set a time aside to pray. (No worries if that’s what you’ve been experiencing. It just means your human)

Most likely you’ve had periods of your life where you’ve experienced both of these scenarios and varying degrees in between. Especially if you’ve been following God for any amount of time.

There is no time or place for prayer. Perhaps it’s helpful to think of prayer as a connection with yourself – that true essence of you – and connection to that part of yourself that is God. To pray is a way to strengthen the relationship with yourself so that God shines through you and outward to everyone around you.

When you pray, trust God who is in you and learn to become God-inside minded. As you do, God will rise to be a greater part of you and will be able to illuminate your mind and direct your spirit and body in the way you should go.

Can you describe how praying effects you? Does it lift you, inspire you, as you move through your day? Does it make you feel more blessed and aware of all there is to be grateful for?




Attended St. Matthias many years ago and keep in the loop about St. Matt's happenings through my mom (Reta Craig) and sister (Jennifer Craig) and more currently, my work to bring the St. Matthias Community online.


  1. Great thoughts about prayer…out for a walk? Pray your way past the garden or park!

    Sleepless at midnight? Pray your way into peace and gentle comfort! Don’t worry if you sleep! You. Will wake up refreshed, and your prayers will add sense to the waiting! Not a sermon, just thoughtful, thankful reflection and response!

    Thinking of someone, some place, sometime in life? Pray your way through the thoughts and memories, the feelings and the longing, include others as well.

    Waiting, worrying, wanting? Just turn the feelings and the time into reflection, appreciation, delight, memory and new resolve to appreciate what you have….

    Pray as if talking, whispering, or crying with a friend, take advantage of the truth, the reality, the concrete ness of the situation to make it a moment of sacred truth, to yourself, and to the Other!

    Forget about instructions for prayer, just realize your prayers are your real sense of blessing, need, fear, hope, love, loss, isolation or possibility, and great giftedness! Love yourself, love God, love life, be generous and forgiving. Start new every day, gently ease into it, and stop struggling. Accept the peace and blessing!

    • Thank you, Dick! Pray without struggle. Pray with acceptance.

    • I really relate to your words “..just thoughtful, thankful reflection and response” and to forget about instructions for prayer. I think that stops people (and me in the past) from making prayer a part of the everyday flow of life.

      Praying always calms me. Even when I don’t think I need to calm down. My go-to prayer — think of all I have to be grateful for. There’s always a long list when you really focus on it.

      • To pray is to converse with God and conversing with God is not always calming or peaceful. When circumstances are hard and unjust, it is OK to be angry with God, to cry out, even to shake your fist at God when God has let you down, boxed you (or all of us) into a corner or made life impossible. That is not to say that you cannot be grateful at the same time for the gift of life and the good times you’ve enjoyed to that point. It is to say that prayer or a conversation with God can be extremely passionate, even demanding and/or rude. God can take it and deal creatively with our anger, disappointments, tragedies and impossible situations when we cannot.

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