Mandala Colouring Explained – For Your Spiritual Wellness

A creative outlet in intricate colouring

We may all remember this delight as a child… we created our own masterpiece that did or did not ‘stay within the lines’, showed it to family or teachers, then had it posted prominently on the fridge or wall to be admired for the talent that went into a coloured page.  Well, I have willingly returned to that stage in life, although in a slightly different …

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The Many Benefits of St. Matthias Christmas Trees

Christmas tree close up

There’s something special about an evergreen tree this time of year.   In nature, they remain their vibrant green while many other trees take on their duller shades of fall. As we approach the Christmas season evergreens go indoors in many forms and sizes, everlasting or fresh from the earth.   They …

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Faith… Accepting Life’s Difficulties As Is

Philippians 4:8

Written by Stephanie Morrison, a friend of the St. Matthias community who enjoys the creative and exploratory practices of faith.   There is only one thing I dread; not being worthy of my sufferings. ~ Fyodor Dostoevsky 1821-1881 This Russian writer had many thought provoking words that tended to focus …

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