Mandala Colouring Explained – For Your Spiritual Wellness

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We may all remember this delight as a child…

we created our own masterpiece that did or did not ‘stay within the lines’, showed it to family or teachers, then had it posted prominently on the fridge or wall to be admired for the talent that went into a coloured page. 

Mandala colouring

One of Jennifer’s many mandala masterpieces

Well, I have willingly returned to that stage in life, although in a slightly different form than animated circus characters and waxed crayons.

A new fad has made its place as a hobby to help adults ‘defrag’ the grown-up computers a little bit.  Sometimes we don’t need to create new inventions, only tweak our old ones.

Adult colouring often takes detailed or dimensional pictures that can be further enhanced by choices of colour to give even more depth.

It can be done as a calming technique for anxiety and depression.

It can be used as a creative past time if you are less busy/mobile and looking for something to occupy or challenge your mind.

Most importantly, it can help anyone wind-down after a busy day and relax.

Now the biggest decision becomes what shade of marker to use to fill the blank space. The endless array of choices in genre, design and complexity is decided by each artist.

I have had an added bonus. My 8 year old nephew seems to quite like this hobby even though he is not a big ‘colouring-type kid’ (he enjoys some of my geometrical designs the best). Whenever I am visiting we have to have a colouring session and afterwards I let him choose some extra pictures to hold him over until my next visit. I appreciate the blessing that it is, and hope for some of his works for my wall some day, considering that he may change his mind during a future visit and not take this time with me.

I do admit that I flashback to childhood days when I was in the store and taking far too long trying to decide on which book would be my “treat” –  it is equally the conundrum today!  And, it does feels equally exciting to run home and pick the first picture to begin with.

The selection is becoming more easily available in the marketplace (not just online stores) which makes it even easier and more affordable. In such a busy and challenging world, where technology often rules our daily lives, it is quite nice to enjoy a simple comfort and subsequent feeling of accomplishment when the blank picture becomes a colourful masterpiece.

This article was written by Jennifer Craig, who continues to have difficulties deciding which colouring book to buy.

Learn more about the using mandalas as a spiritual practice at the University of New Hampshire’s Health Services site.


Attended St. Matthias many years ago and keep in the loop about St. Matt's happenings through my mom (Reta Craig) and sister (Jennifer Craig) and more currently, my work to bring the St. Matthias Community online.

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