Realize You Are The Earth

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So much of our worlds problems and personal problems come from a place of disconnect.

Disconnection from your true self, disconnection from the people in your life that you think should make you feel complete and loved, and a disconnection from everything in the world that was created from the same source.
tea time poem

Feel God within you and feel God around you. Be still more. Be more accepting. Be in love and of love.

Laurie Douglas has shared an insightful post from UpLift where you can check out the full article but here’s an excerpt that will give you something to centre on for the day:


Touching Mother Earth inside of us

We need a real awakening, enlightenment, to change our way of thinking and seeing things. The practice of mindfulness helps us to touch Mother Earth inside of the body and this practice can help heal people.

This kind of enlightenment is very crucial to a collective awakening. In Buddhism we talk of meditation as an act of awakening, to be awake to the fact that the Earth is in danger and living species are in danger.

Activists have to have a spiritual practice in order to help them to suffer less, to nourish the happiness and to handle the suffering so they will be effective in helping the world. With anger and frustration you cannot do much.

When I am mindful, I enjoy my tea more. I am fully present in the here and now, not carried away by my sorrow, my fear, my projects, the past and the future. I am here available to life. When I drink tea this is a wonderful moment.


Attended St. Matthias many years ago and keep in the loop about St. Matt's happenings through my mom (Reta Craig) and sister (Jennifer Craig) and more currently, my work to bring the St. Matthias Community online.

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