The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act (Bill C-239)

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Raised hands "Have your say about Bill C-239 - equality in federal tax credits for charitable donationsWe received this letter from MP Ted Falk in an email. If you find this a worthy Bill to support, please do your part and contact your local MP, the Minister of Finance, and the leaders of our five political parties to show them what matters. This Bill will move to debate in early June, so take action now!


Update for charities from Member of Parliament Ted Falk:

I wanted to take a moment to update you on my Private Members Bill to help charities– The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act (C-239).

As you know, federal tax credits for political contributions far exceed the federal tax credits for donations to registered charities in Canada. Feeding politicians should never be more important than feeding the hungry and I welcome the opportunity to work with you and your organization to change that!

With this bill, donors to registered charities would receive the same generous federal tax credits that donors to political parties currently receive.

Hundreds of charities across Canada have rallied together to put pressure on their local Members of Parliament to keep this Bill moving ahead in Parliament.

And it’s working! MPs are taking notice as the calls and emails of support are coming in from across the country.

However, we are now coming up to a very important moment in the life of this Bill. In early June, The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act will have its second hour of debate and must pass a crucial vote in order to move on. If it doesn’t pass this vote, the Bill will be considered dead.

I am humbly asking for your help once again.

We have heard that some MPs are concerned about the cost of the Bill as a result of the increase in federal tax credits for donations. While it is true that the tax credits would indeed result in a drop in revenue for the federal government, I believe that the trade-off is well worth it. I think you would agree that putting more money into the hands of Canadian charities will more than compensate for the small drop in tax revenue.

We all know that charities leverage millions of volunteers across the country, something that government just can’t do. We know that charities often run on very small budgets and they ensure that every donation dollar works hard to deliver critical support services to those who need it most.

If we can make the incentive to donate to charities more enticing for Canadians, I am sure they will step up to support Canadian charities like never before! The result will be a stronger charitable sector which in turn results in a stronger Canada overall.

Between now and early June we need to convince Members of Parliament across the country that investing in Canadian charities is a wise investment!

This is where you come in. You may have already contacted your local MP. I am now asking you to consider sending an email to the Minister of Finance, the leaders of the five federal political parties in Ottawa as well as re-contacting your own Member of Parliament.

They need to hear from you before they vote! Every call or email does make a big impression on them.

Please also feel free to send this to all your donors and supporters and ask them to do the same. Let’s create a wave too big to ignore!

Thank you again for helping me raise the profile of charities across Canada.

Together we can make this happen!


MPs to contact:

By email:

; ; ;; ; ;

Or by Phone:

Hon. Bill Morneau: 613-992-1377

Rt. Hon. Justin Trudeau: 613-995-0253

Rona Ambrose: 613-996-9778

Thomas Mulcair: 613-947-0867

Elizabeth May: 613-996-1119

Rheal Fortin: 613-992-3257

As always, your own Member of Parliament can be found here:

Below please find 3 response templates that you can use. Feel free to adapt them or write your own letters/emails.


If you have any questions please feel free to contact my office at (204) 326-9889 or 1 866 333-1933.

For more information on the Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act please visit

Thank you for helping. Together we can make a huge difference in your fundraising efforts!



Ted Falk


Member of Parliament for Provencher



Option #1

I am contacting you today to let you know that I am supportive of MP Ted Falk’s Private Members Bill – The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act. (C-239).

This initiative will encourage more Canadians to make charitable donations to worthwhile causes. I believe that donors to charitable organizations should receive the same tax breaks as donors to political parties.

I would encourage you to also lend your support to the Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.

Thank you.





Option #2

I am contacting you to acknowledge that I fully support MP Ted Falk’s current proposal in his private member’s bill to equalize the tax benefits for charitable and political contributions.

I believe that The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act (C-239) will translate into much stronger support and sustainability for many charities throughout this great country. Charities make significant contributions to the well-being of Canadians from coast to coast.

I urge you to help out all charities with your support of this bill.

Thank you.





Option #3

I am writing to ask for your support of M.P. Ted Falk’s Private Member’s Bill C-239 – The Fairness in Charitable Gifts Act.

I believe that more Canadians will give more financial support to Canadian charities if Bill C-239 is implemented by Parliament. This will be beneficial for all Canadians, but particularly those in greatest need who are supported by charitable causes.

Thank you for your time.




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