Trust. Let Go. Be Open.

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The anger, violence, insults, and negativity that goes on in other countries and in your own community can be changed through you. In fact, it is only by each one of us taking on the responsibility of controlling our words and actions in our every day life that we can be the change that we want to see all over the planet.

Trust in God’s word, in the power of peace, in your God-given ability to spread kindness to everyone you interact with. Whether it be in your home with those you love, online with complete strangers, in your workplace or in your community, be that peaceful presence that everyone needs.

Spread a little love – make your home a place where love is king.

Spread the love


Let go of that negative righteous attitude. We can all relate to feeling a little too righteous and infringing our own beliefs, opinions and judgments on others. Breathe a sigh of relief that you can let go of that need to let others know what you think even when it isn’t necessary. Bask in the glory that we aren’t all the same, that we’re all on a different part of our journey and that we wouldn’t want a world where we all thought the same and did the same.

Hold your tongue – even when you think you’re right.

Be open to all that you don’t know you don’t know. Peace and calm has a hard journey to your heart when you don’t consider what else the world has to offer. Do you have the same thoughts, perspectives and values you did five, ten, twenty years ago. Hopefully not. You were created to grow, mature and become a wiser person as each year spins by.

Create more peace in the world by being more peaceful yourself.

As stated in the feature “Peace in the World Begins with You” on, the most effective way to create peace in the world is to start with yourself…

Trust Let go Be open

This may be the “prime directive” of effective spiritual practice, social action and peaceful living. Don’t let the behavior of others (who are actually an expression of our greater whole) destroy your inner peace. This is why the Dalai Lama meditates for several hours every day. It is why Mahatma Gandhi prayed and meditated daily.

For those of us who wish to help bring greater peace to the world it’s important to stay balanced, mindful, calm and grounded. Especially in chaotic times like this, especially in the light of the tragic and terrible recent events in Paris, in Syria, in Beirut and elsewhere, we need to make our own inner peace a top priority.

Try not to limit God in your life and in the world.


Let go

Be open

and be peaceful.


Attended St. Matthias many years ago and keep in the loop about St. Matt's happenings through my mom (Reta Craig) and sister (Jennifer Craig) and more currently, my work to bring the St. Matthias Community online.

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